Friday, February 2, 2018

"End of Day" by Howard Stein, Frequent Contributor & Poet of the Week

End of Day
Howard Stein   

As the last rays of sunlight
Make their way into
A dense grove of trees,
Think not of the coming night,
But tarry with the remnant
Of light still here.
Think neither of light's return
Come morning and a new day.
Linger near until the last moment
Of light, then let night fall.
Night is not the absence of day,
But comes when day has been fulfilled,
And light has been allowed to penetrate
Every place where darkness dwells.

Poet's Notes:  For as long as I can remember, I have closely watched-- monitored-- trees up to the last remnant of sunlight on treetops. It is akin to saying farewell to the day and an expression of gratitude for light. I have also feared darkness. This poem came as a surprise to me as a new way of looking at the end of the day with confidence rather than dread.

Editor’s Note:  This one reminds me of prayers ushering in Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath.  It has a nice, positive message, simply stated yet profoundly wise.  I find it fitting to present this one today for the final poem of Howard’s Poet of the Week feature--fitting, as it will usher in Shabbat at sundown today.

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