Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Technical Difficulties

Dear Songs of Eretz Poetry E-zine & Blog Followers and Contributors,

We are experiencing many technical difficulties with our free host--too many.  The latest glitch involves the last word of each line displayed being broken in the middle with the remaining letters of the word wrapping around to the next line.  This problem has affected both our blog posts and the e-zine.  On top of this, we have been receiving feedback that our site does not always load properly and sometimes does not load at all, depending upon what browser is used.  The situation is simply unacceptable.

The advantage of a free hosting site is the price.  By not having to pay a hosting site, we have been able to offer generous pay rates to our e-zine contributors and offer free viewing to our followers.  However, we feel that the quality of the service from blogspot is now so poor that using it is no longer worth the "price."

We are actively looking for a new, professional hosting site.  Once we find a suitable new home, we will be asking for donations and selling classified advertisements to offset the cost.  The e-zine is a labor of love as it is--the honorariums for the contributing poets come directly out of the editor's pocket.  We do want to continue to offer the blog posts and e-zine access for free to the public, so please consider purchasing an ad or making a generous donation to assist us.

We ask that you please bear with us and look for further (poorly formatted) announcements and updates here until we make the switch.  Those on our email list will also receive email updates.  In the interim, please know that we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Kindest regards,

Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD

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