Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Poem: "Phone Quest"

"Phone Quest" is the next installment in the poetic memoir of my odyssey to Indonesia.  Somehow, it came out in near perfect unrhymed dactylic tetrameter.  This poem recounts my adventure to find a pre-paid throw-away cell phone in Thailand that I could use to call my wife in New Jersey.  This involved leaving the relative safety of hotel where I was based and riding a Baht Bus (pictured) into the city of Phuket.  It was probably the most dangerous thing that I did while deployed.

Baht Buses are basically open bay trucks.  There are no safety belts.  Being ejected is a distinct possibility.  Also, there is a reason why US military personnel are forbidden to drive on Thai soil--forbidden by the US for their own safety.  And I thought Rhode Islanders were the worst drivers on earth.  Well, they are still the worst drivers in North America.

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