Monday, November 4, 2013

Assume the Physician: A Message from Author John F. Hunt, MD

Editor's Note:  My good friend, college classmate, and fellow physician-author John F. Hunt, MD has the following announcement about one of his novels, Assume the Physician.  Those who follow Songs of Eretz should already be aware of this important book through its review from July 29, 2012.  Another one of Dr. Hunt's novels, Higher Cause, was reviewed on July 19, 2012.

Hello my friends,
One of my novels, "Assume the Physician" is getting a bit of attention on Monday/Tuesday this week from one of the largest of the medical blog websites called ""
There will be a brief 800 word excerpt primarily, that will be on this link

I would ask your help to drive traffic to this link and to the book. 

I humbly ask you to put the above link up on your facebook/linkedin/twitter or other oh-so-powerful yet ridiculously uncertain value social media places. And also please send the link or this whole message to your friends if you will. "Assume the Physician" is a great gift for doctor friends and for those insane people considering medical school, but also for the run of the mill lay person, as well as people in other professions, like vampires, warm blooded zombies and politicians.

For those who don't know it, "Assume the Physician" is a fun and very well-reviewed novel that is a timely commentary on the parts of the health care system that most need fixing, and that the politicians and we crazy voters are entirely ignoring or oblivious to.   The book is to help overcome the obliviousness and the politician's efforts to distract us. And it helps people to laugh at a tough situation.  There is  a link in the KevinMD blog posting to my novel's listing. 

Revenue from sales goes to our non-profit that works in Liberia West Africa, Trusted Angels Foundation.

Thank you very much for even considering spreading the link above around.

John Hunt, MD
Charlottesvile, Virginia

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