Tuesday, June 13, 2017

"At My Desk, Beside the Window" by Frequent Contributor Lauren McBride

At My Desk, Beside the Window
                 "An hour lost in the morning is chased all day."
                                             --Variation of a Yiddish proverb

Voluntarily waking to an
alarm clock at this hour?
You might think I've lost
my mind; except in
the dark, pre-dawn stillness, the
alluring quiet of morning,
I can work, uninterrupted. This is
my favorite time, sleep chased
away by coffee, night yielding to dawn, all
colors of sunrise vying to announce the day.

--Lauren McBride

Poet's Notes: This poem follows the Golden Shovel form, where each line ends with the words from a quote. In the true form, the quote is taken from a line of a poem. Here I have used a variation of a Yiddish proverb that my grandmother used to say.  A memorable poem I read in Songs of Eretz introduced me to this form: "Get a Real Dog" by Sylvia Cavanaugh http://eretzsongs.blogspot.com/2017/03/nooks-and-crannies-by-sylvia-cavanaugh.html. 

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