Thursday, April 6, 2017

"Mother Nature: A Portrait" by Terri Lynn Cummings, Frequent Contributor

Mother Nature:  A Portrait
Terri Lynn Cummings

Who is the woman
drawn with four faces
as though she is more
than what we divine

Her breath blooms
earth, air, water, fire
humanity’s philosophy
yet she remains

an element apart
a stubborn hinge
Pattered notes of youth
shuffling speech of age

color the intricate carpet
of her vision. She weaves
her seasons through our own
deciphers hearts

in the nightfall of stars
casts herself
on our good mercy
and prays she will survive

Poet’s Notes:  Recently, I had served as guest poet for Oklahoma Writing Project at Oklahoma City University. Students met in the art museum and each selected a work of art. After a brief warm-up, they wrote poems about them. Drawn to a painting of a three-faced woman with vines that grew from her mouth, my imagination bloomed.

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