Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Passover Special Feature

For Passover, I am pleased to offer a poem that I composed for my son to mark his high school graduation day.  His college graduation day is rapidly approaching now.  He is away at college and was logistically unable to join his family this year to mark what is arguably the most important Jewish holiday of the year.  My thoughts naturally turned to him as I munched on the crunchy bread of freedom last night, and I remembered this poem.  Interestingly, it has several references to Passover.  Although specifically addressed to my son, I believe the message has a universal quality that will resonate with many readers.  Chag sameach!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmabziV1LiY

May 19, 2013
High School Graduation Day

Dear Jason,

You are
The firstborn son
Of a firstborn son
Of a firstborn son
Of a firstborn son,
A Jew who carries
The name of Gordon,
A Scottish name.
Clan Gordon is known as
The Cock of the North
A fierce, proud people
Famous for starting fights
And finishing them. 
The reason you bear the name
Is shrouded in mystery 
But bear the name you shall. 

It is time for you to decide
What kind of Gordon you will become
A decision made more important
For you may be the last of your line.
What mark will you make upon the world? 
What will you create? 
What songs will you sing
With your strong man-voice? 
What books will you read?
What opportunities will you seize,
And what dreams will you make come true?
It all begins here and now. 

I have no answers for you anymore,
Only questions,
And there are oh so many questions,
So many paths from which to choose,
But know this:
Whatever paths you take
For good or ill
There will always be a path
That leads back to your true self.
It will not be the path that shines
Nor the one paved with gold
Nor will it be the path to sloth or sin
Or fear or anger or revenge. 
It may meander here and there
But for the most part it will be
Hard, straight, and narrow.
You will always be able to find it
If you lose it or stray. 

And also know this:
For as long as I live
There will be a path back to me. 
No matter what happens,
No matter even if estranged we become
I will always embrace you
Even as a prodigal son.

And know this too: 
There will always be a path
Back to God for you.
Should you ever forget who you are,
He will redeem you,
For you are the Lord’s possession
Passed over by the Angel of Death,
The firstborn son
Of a firstborn son
Of a firstborn son
Of a firstborn son.


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