Monday, May 27, 2013

Review of "The Bargain" by Henry Szabranski

"The Bargain" by Henry Szabranski appeared in Daily Science Fiction on May 27, 2013.  "You wait in horror as a mysterious fog erases the world around you."

Second person POV is difficult to pull off--you know what I mean.  It has the potential to make the narrative more immediate and personal, but at the same time more in-your-face and annoying.  Its use in "The Bargain" is not successful.  In addition, while a certain amount of backstory must be left unsaid in a flash fiction piece, if too much is left unsaid, the reader is either left hanging or left with the feeling of reading a small part of a larger work.  In this regard, too, the story comes up short.  3 out of 7 rocket-dragons.

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