Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Poem: "Chick Magnet"

Chick Magnet was inspired by two disparate things:  the Judgment of Paris myth, and a scene from the movie, Borat.  In Borat, the title character goes to a used car lot to purchase a car and is shown one which the dealer describes as a "chick magnet."  The naive Borat then asks to be shown where, exactly, in the car the chick magnet is located.  From there, I started speculating what if there were such an object that was, literally, a chick magnet?  Then, inexplicably, I began to think how interesting it would have been if Aphrodite had given such an object to Paris.

I took some liberties or poetic license with the myth, adding in Artemis, who was not originally included, because I like Artemis, and leaving out the apple entirely.  The language of the body of the poem is at least somewhat evocative of Homer or Ovid, while the title is evocative of something else entirely, nicely memorializing the dual inspiration for the poem.

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