Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Snatched" by John C. Mannone, Frequent Contributor

John C. Mannone

Before it’s jaws locked
on you, the grizzly
growled mostly at me.

I could almost understand
the reasononing, she had
gone without anything

for the last three days,
not even water, except
for a slight hot drizzle

yesterday. She was delirious
with hunger, and thirsty
for blood. You tried to save

me, danced in front of her,
she meerly leered
at me while she ate

the forbidden fruit.

Poet’s Notes: Perhaps I was in a surreal mood, or maybe a silly one. Perhaps I conflated a love poem with a grizzly bear dream. Whatever I was thinking, it simply came out in this poem. I had hoped to write a humorous poem, and maybe it was headed that way…up to the 11th line. Then Bam! It took a different turn!

Editor’s Note:  What a grizzly horror!  I read it as a metaphor for the perverse pleasure sociopaths take in perpetrating violent crimes but perhaps I read too deeply.  

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