Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Lost" by Mary Soon Lee, Frequent Contributor

Mary Soon Lee 

Each night, we travel a few leagues further
into the book in which I once lost myself,
or so some long-ago observer might have said
as I read it for the sixth or seventh or eighth time,
a solitary child who lost herself in books,
and this book most of all.

Your company is grand; you may well be
the best companion I have taken on this journey,
but I was never lonely when I read alone.
I walked behind Sam and Strider,
Gandalf and Gimli and Gollum, 
with Tolkien's hand upon my shoulder.  

This is not where I was lost,
but where I found myself.

Poet's Notes:  "The Lord of the Rings" is probably my favorite book. I first read it when I was nine years old, and re-read it many times as I was growing up. I read it aloud to my mother one summer; read it aloud​, years later, to my husband; read it to my first child, and then to my second child. It is one of those books that has become part of me.

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