Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"For We Fortunate Few on Valentine's Day" by the Editor

For We Fortunate Few on Valentine's Day
Steven Wittenberg Gordon 

For we fortunate few who have found
our forever Valentines today is but an accent
upon an already happy life full of romantic love
for each day for us is Valentine’s.
We lucky few know that a lovely day is
more than chocolates
more than eighty dollar long stems
more than a candlelit dinner at that exclusive restaurant
and certainly much more than hoodie-footie pajamas.
Life can be harsh, cold, and unrelentingly sad
but a single glance from our Valentines
reminds us of what is really important
and suddenly for a moment the world falls away
leaving only we Valentines suspended in Time.

Poet's Note:  There is of course a certain urgency to Valentine's Day for young lovers, the de facto "owners" of the holiday.  However, I am happy to be able to count myself among the "fortunate few" de jure holiday celebrants.

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