Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Antiques, A Wedding And Three Flat Tires" by Gene Hodge

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Antiques, A Wedding And Three Flat Tires” by Gene Hodge, a member of the Chattanooga Writer’s Guild.  He is also a Journeyman Wireman and professional entertainer who performs throughout the southeast.  Hodge hails from Sparta, Tennessee. 

Antiques, A Wedding And Three Flat Tires
Gene Hodge

She said, “My headaches stopped the day my husband died.”
I stood there, arms crossed, smiling,
while her frail body shuffled through the antique store,
found a 1943 dressing stool and sat down.
With youth’s mischievous sparkle still in her eyes
she continued,  “We drove trucks as a team—
we were together seven days a week.
I once asked him if he knew what happened this day 60 years ago,
he said he didn’t.
I said you ought to; we had three flat tires on the way to get married.”

Then slowly lowering her gaze to the hardwood floor,
she paused . . .  and murmured,
“You would’ve thought, we would’ve turned around and went back . . .
but we didn’t.”

I never gave her story much thought—
only saw the humor, the irony of the moment—
until I began to write this poem
and my pen searched an empty page for a closing line.

Not once, did I hear the word love, fun or happiness.
Only if I read between the lines
do I find a hint,
and that was...

“My headaches stopped the day my husband died.”

Poet’s Notes:  The beauty surrounding us amazes me.  People are poetry and they are the living examples of life.  I am intrigued by every step, wrinkles on their faces, and the movements of their lips as they write for me and become the poem.

Editor’s Note:  This one reminds a bit of William Carlos William's work.  The narrative is interesting, and I also like the little bit of ars poetica here. 

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