Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Best of Political Poems of Songs of Eretz Featuring Poems by: Jonathan Dick, John Hunt, Ross Knapp, Mary Soon Lee, James Frederick William Rowe, & the Editor

Editor’s Note:  In this final weekend before the presidential election of 2016, I invite you to read and contemplate (again) what are in my opinion the best political poems that have been published in Songs of Eretz Poetry Review prior to November 2016.  Yes, many are mine--I guess I’m my own biggest fan with the possible exception of my mother.  The topics appear in bold; links to the poems appear below the topic headers.

The Inefficiencies and Hypocrisy of Government:

The Judiciary Branch Legislating from the Bench:

Our Loss of Freedom:

Global Warming:


The Misogyny of Hillary Clinton:

The Unfortunate Triumph of Socialism over Libertarianism:

Freedom of Speech:

Dangers of Compromise:

The Duty To Engage in Civil Disobedience in an Unjust Society:

The Inexorable Encroachment of Liberalism:

Governor Pence before He Was a VP Hopeful:

The “Truther” Controversy:

The Benghazi Scandal:

The Immorality of Government:

Illegal Immigrants Fraudulently Voting (scroll down to the end of the essay):

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