Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bonus Feature: "ironic fashion" by the Editor

ironic fashion
safety pins are for babies
the left pricked and Trumped

--Steven Wittenberg Gordon

Poet’s Notes:  My funny bone was pricked as over my morning tea I perused an article in the Kansas City Star about one of the local schools banning teachers from wearing safety pins--the latest symbol for the poor losers of the recent election--as a political statement likely to cause angst and distraction amongst the student population.  Where I’m from, safety pins are used primarily to close baby diapers--how ironic!  More ironic still, safety pins are not terribly safe, at least for the people closing the pins.  I have given many a tetanus shot to folks that fumbled the job and wound up with puncture wounds.  Well, perhaps wearing safety pins will provide some closure for those who are unhappy with the election results--but I believe they are making the wrong point.

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