Thursday, November 3, 2016

"sorry alien electoral system" by John Reinhart, Frequent Contributor

sorry alien electoral system
John Reinhart

in the one brief encounter,
the aliens gathered to raise
tentacles – yea, nay – a
social media moment repeated
in virtual ad infinitum as
the desperate sat home on their
suckers, consumers to a system
lost in a board game – watching
reruns of their fractionalized
impractical entanglement, slurping
sweetened alphabet soup;

the aliens pleased themselves
at victory even as they were bought,
sold, bought again discounted, with no
voice – involvement tokenized, packaged,
sweetened as superdelegations
maneuvered the strings for
albino squidgers from college to write
the textbooks, cookbooks, phonebooks,
recomposing alphabets to spell
convenience in every bowl, soup
fed daily to increasing alien waste lines

Poet's Notes:  What would aliens think about our electoral system? Perspective is all the rage, at least when it's one's own. In opposition to something, anything. Rather than perspectives. As in multiple. As in how other people perceive the world, why, and how that might make curious oblong shapes in the sand. Rather than lines. Chalk circles. Fairy rings. All inclusive magic. All expenses paid. What would politicians think about our daily lives?

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