Friday, July 8, 2016

Poem of the Day: "Hiding Place" by Anne Carly Abad, Frequent Contributor

Hiding Place
Anne Carly Abad

:) :( :'( :D
how r u?
i haven't seen you in wks
the things i want to say

the SMS limit

you once complained
about noise.
i’ll let this be
my silence:
fitting my mood
into the 140 characters
i scatter like corn bits
for you to peck

but instead i look out the window:
on the streets, a tomcat trills
and the queens emerge
from their hiding place

Poet's Notes:  As a digital professional, I've continuously seen the decline in how we use words and how much of them we use. Despite greater ability to communicate and connect with each other, the same fear exists in interacting. People share and repost someone else's words, quotes, images and videos, thinking "this speaks to me," when in fact, such content may well do the speaking for them--that is, in their stead. It surprises me how anyone can be so ambivalent about losing their own voice in an age where, everyday, we are encouraged to speak up for ourselves. We don't want to appear in a certain way or be locked down to any one thing; we spout in the ever-present web, and so the veiled meanings that symbols on screen afford us push us deeper into our own inner dungeons.

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