Thursday, July 21, 2016

"Chronicle" by David Pring-Mill, Frequent Contributor

David Pring-Mill

From above,
the grid of a city
resembles our circuitry:
electric, glowing, holy.
There is a quiet hum
to vibrating thoughts,
and lines of light.

With stories digitized,
machinery doomed –
who will read
our chronicle?
Our unadulterated,
adult content-laden
scribes of existence?
Our screeching
and howling
cries of existence?
Our desperate
and searching
queries of insistence?
Who will find
that chronicle,
and glean from it
the pain we inflicted
upon one another?
and will they empathize
with us, envision us?
What protagonists
will loom large
over pointless actions,
undiscerning reactions?
How will readers react
to our spate of reaction?
To the chains of repressive,
defensive distraction?
What actions will they take
to preserve or destroy
our traces of existence,
the lies of subsistence?
What will they add to the chronicle?

Poet's Notes:  Traditional poetic topics include nature and love. These themes are timeless and full of depth, but I believe that distinctly modern objects and phenomena are also deserving of poetic depiction. That is why I wrote "Chronicle" – a poem about the Internet.

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