Tuesday, June 14, 2016

“yet now, for now” by Jonathan Dick

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “yet now, for now” by Jonathan Dick.  Dick is from Toronto, Canada. He has had over thirty poems published in various literary journals. Follow him on Twitter: @jjdickyboy.

yet now, for now
Jonathan Dick

yet now, yet now, yet now
is always the easiest time 
to change the course of history:
work made our greatest shame free,
yet now they claim hollow coasts of freedom 
will make us work and see. so beware 
and not a ware. do not be free, do
not think. do all in your power 
to suffer, rave, and stink.
devour, and devour, our numbing hour, 
be slaves to thought and not commands,
detest the gently flaming hand,
which shuffles you towards the naughty liberation.

lift up, devour and rave with shackled arms that beat
your grave. we will not be free,
because you say it so, we will
not be free, until in devouring our light

we suffer, rave, and stink. 

for now, for now, for now
will always be the easiest time 

to change the course of human history.

Poet’s Notes:  I think humanity as a whole continues to enslave itself and our society perpetuates a far-reaching culture of metaphoric slavery. This culture affects both the descendants of the American freed slaves and the descendants of their masters and everyone in between.

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