Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Twenty-five Years Wed" by Steven Wittenberg Gordon

Twenty-five Years Wed
Steven Wittenberg Gordon

Said the husband:  How lucky I that I have you my bride!  We built a home and raised children there together.  Our son is strong, and our daughter is beautiful.

Said the wife:  And yet I held you back even as I held you to my heart and our children to my bosom.  You could have been so much more--wealthy and powerful.

Said the husband:  You and our children are my wealth, more valuable to me than gold; and as for power, the only kind I crave is the power of our everlasting love.

Said the wife:  But I am beyond the bearing of children now.  My womb shall be forever barren; my breasts devoid of milk; and my looks already begin to fade.

Said the husband:  Our son and daughter are all the heirs I desire; to add to them would only take away.  And as for your looks, you appear as the laurel, ever lithe and green.

Said the wife:  Ha!  Flatterer!  My hair is streaked with white and my face already begins to show the signs of nearly fifty summers, lined with age and old.

Said the husband:  Not so!  For your hair is as the laurel in winter kissed with snow, and your countenance merely records your every smile--a delight to my heart.

Said the wife:  Then you would be content to live another quarter century as my mate, despite the inevitable decline in strength and stature we must face?

Said the husband:  I would be yours for half a century and more and forever in spirit in the great beyond.  For with you I have everything; without you I have nothing.

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