Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Living Fountain" by Sierra July, Frequent Contributor

Living Fountain
Sierra July

Water pulses from her palms.
She hands it freely to those in need.
Broken lips and desert tongues
She smiles. Later, reads her hands.
Noticing new lines and cracks. She
Wonders if it will dry out.
Will she?

Poet’s Notes: Thinking of the fear that some have that giving blood will bleed them dry, I pictured someone who could give the water from their body away, pure as a spring. I wondered if a person like that would dry up or if, as in the blood scenario, that person had nothing to worry about as more water would be created in her unique cells. Here, I made the fountain girl a bit fearful, but determined, an altruistic being.

Editor’s Note:  I found this one to be an interesting speculative poem as the poet intended.  However, I also read into it a larger metaphor with the girl being "mother earth," especially in view of the global water shortage and changing climate.

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