Monday, May 2, 2016

FC Pring-Mill Announces Several Recent Publications

Songs of Eretz Frequent Contributor David Pring-Mill is pleased to announce that two pieces of his humorous nonfiction recently appeared online at The Higgs Weldon, where they are freely available for reading:  "Menu Options at a Fancy Restaurant For Seagulls" was published in March: and "10 Ways to Self-Justify Winning the Silver Medal at a Competitive Event" can be found here:

In addition to this nonfiction work, his poem "Sunbather" is included in the Spring 2016 issue of Poetry Quarterly. That issue may be purchased here:

Most significantly, Pring-Mill edited a literary anthology. This project began in summer of 2015 and was recently completed. The anthology is titled Tiny Moments and is available on Amazon:  For detailed information about the many talented contributors, go to the following website:  Tiny Moments also features poems by James Frederick William Rowe, a fellow Frequent Contributor at Songs of Eretz Poetry Review.

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