Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Recent Publications and Scheduled Readings by FC Knoll--Including a Reading TONIGHT in Portland

Songs of Eretz Frequent Contributor Tricia Knoll has the following announcements:


"Ode to My Garden Pruners" up on Flora's Forum. And today "My Pen Pal's Spring and Mine" is up as of today. 

On the "One Sentence Poem" website: Dictionary of Cross-Cultural Vocabulary

Two of my newest poems, part of my poetry manuscript How I Learned to be White, are up on Gyroscope Review's spring issue. "Amazing Grace - Performed Ten Million Times a Year" on page 18 and "Portland's Waterfront History" on p. 37. You have to hunt a bit to get to them because it's a PDF.  These are two of my recent "serious" poems.


Today! April 5 
                April 5, Tuesday, 7pm I'll be reading three poems at O'Connors Irish Pub (in the Vault) Multnomah Village area of Portland 7850 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, 97219 as part of the Attic Institute's reading for people who won part of the Attic's winter writing contest. I am one of two poets to read -- as well as non-fiction and fiction folks. Check out the link to the Attic press release.
                April 14, Thursday, 7-8 pm at Another Read Through Bookstore (3932 N. Mississippi in Portland) with other poets from VoiceCatcher. See poster. 
                April 20, Wednesday, 7:00 pm at Ford Food & Drink, 2505 SE 11th Ave (at Division), Portland, Oregon (great food and drinks) for the book launch of the Poeming Pigeon's Doobie or Not Doobie. Check out the other poets!

Happy spring!

Tricia Knoll

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