Saturday, April 16, 2016

Special Feature: "She Talks the Talk, But He Walks the Walk" by the Editor

She Talks the Talk, But He Walks the Walk
Steven Wittenberg Gordon

So who’s the real champion of women out there?
Some insist it’s the gal with the badly dyed hair.
But examine the facts and out comes the reality:
It’s the man with the hairdo and brusque personality.

He may call certain women fat pigs, dogs, and slobs
But what does he do when it comes down to jobs?
Work as hard as a man does--really bust your old hump--
And, gal, you’ll receive equal pay from Don Trump.

Now let’s look at Hillary the self-proclaimed leader
Of salary parity--the liberal heart bleeder:
In her Clinton Foundation, try as they may,
Gals get thirty-eight percent less than the men get for pay!

She may call you mizz, and he may call you honey,
But The Donald trumps Hillary when the topic is money.

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