Thursday, March 24, 2016

Poem of the Day: "Purim 2016" by the Editor

Purim 2016
Steven Wittenberg Gordon

As Terror walks brazenly in the city streets
Its nails shredding our citizens and allies
In a country once known for its sprouts and neutrality

The Haman of our Age learns the Argentine tango
Makes nice with the despot of a failed island nation
Allows the arc of Isis to spread its fractured light unchecked

Meanwhile in the supreme leader of ironies
In the land once ruled by Ahashverosh and Esther
Evil festers and mass destruction looms

Will another Queen politically correct the Politically Correct
Or will the dark force in the white house shade his eyes
With his version of a tricorn hat and enjoy his legacy of doom

Editor's/Poet's Note:  For commentary, please read today's offering in my personal blog, Steves of Grass

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