Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Poem of the Day: “Ellipsis” by David Pring-Mill, Frequent Contributor Poet of the Week

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Ellipsis” by David Pring-Mill, a Songs of Eretz Frequent Contributor and this week’s Poet of the Week.  A biography of the poet may be found in the “About Our Editor & Frequent Contributors” section.

David Pring-Mill

We wander beneath
barren, dusty hills,
and in secret,
we all dream of the next place.

As a people, we are
chronically restless,
desperate and desirous.

Earth our common grave,
Earth the only womb,
The womb our grave, the grave
our womb…
With nothing truly barren.

We may be chained,
but there are moments
of release.
When smiles stretch…
and laughter lights up faces.

The feeling of happiness is the same
as the feeling of slipping –
Exhilarating, yet still promising
a crashing conclusion.

There is more to life,
but it is hidden,
concealed within the ellipsis.
For in the ellipsis we find
something altered, omitted,
some promised continuation,
the knowledge of
and absence of
something more.

If you let experiences
pass through you,
then you will be
a person…

you must absorb
each experience,
then release it all
and let impressions
linger over your mind's eye
if you wish
to be a person.

drinking the water
and sweating it out
through your pores;

or else
you will become a pattern,
and patterns are not people.
And you will not even know
the day when you forgot
the size of the world.

Poet's Notes:  In this poem, I wanted to use punctuation as a focal point for philosophy.

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