Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Yog's Law: Should It Apply to the Hobbyist?" by the Editor

Yog's Law states, "money should always flow toward the writer."  And in an ideal world, this would always be true.  But, be realistic.  99+% of "writers" cannot make a living as writers and never will.  So, except for a tiny fraction of writers who are professionals, writing is--let's face it and be honest about it--a hobby.  And Yog's Law should NOT apply to the hobbyist.

Many hobbyist writers don't think the word "hobby" should apply to them.  After all, writing is hard work and requires a significant investment of time and energy.  And many hobbyist writers at least aspire to become professionals.  However, until you actually get paid enough to make a living by writing, you are NOT a professional writer.  For you, writing may be work, but it is not a JOB.  Like or not, it is a hobby.

Hobbies don't pay us--we pay for our hobbies.  Hobbyist writers need publishing venues, and publishing costs money.  If hobbyist writers do not support publishers, who will?  Readers won't, at least not for 99+% of electronic venues such as those offered by Songs of Eretz, as free online access to content is expected.  Taxpayers or "the government" and charitable organizations can't and won't.  99+% of grants are awarded to non-profit organizations, and in order to qualify as non-profit the organization must never publish or espouse a political view, a restriction of freedom of expression with which Songs of Eretz refuses to comply.

So, if you are making your living as a writer, then by all means follow Yog's Law--that "law" was "made" for writing professionals to protect their source of income.  But if you make your living some other way, you are going to have to pay for your hobby--no one else will do it for you.

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