Saturday, January 31, 2015

Poem of the Day: “The Map” by Callie Koeval

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “The Map” by Callie Koeval.  Miss Koeval is a high school junior living in North Carolina. Songs of Eretz was the first opportunity for publication she took during the five years she's been writing. Aside from reading and writing poetry, she enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, and spending time with friends. 

The Map
Callie Koeval

You said my body was a map,
I said "it's worth exploring"
In hopes that entertaining your desire
would satiate your hunger for submission

I told myself that you would love me,
A paltry price to pay--
After all, it's only skin, and maybe then--
I told myself that I could love you

But love is not the touching of your hands
and love is not my words when I pretend;
It's everything I've learned from secret sin--
Simply that it comes and goes.

I became a safety net for you,
A ragdoll for primeval urges
I drained my light and novelty
for false perpetuality

Nothing that you asked for was denied
And now your caged songbird, she has died
Upon finding, to her dismay, you had lied--
You threw your map away.

Poet’s Notes:  I wrote this piece to encapsulate something many teenagers go through: sacrificing themselves physically for a significant other in hopes of attaining reciprocated love. I aimed to embody the feelings of abandonment and manipulation that would come with being used in such a way.

Editor’s Note:  The map conceit is brilliant, and the raw emotion of this piece really shines.  Songs of Eretz is honored to be the first venue to publish the work of this promising young poet.

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