Friday, March 22, 2013

Review of "Foundering Fathers" by Brian K. Lowe

"Foundering Fathers" by Brian K. Lowe appeared in Daily Science Fiction on March 22, 2013.  "Shenanigans ensue when Soames and Webster (read Jeeves and Wooster) travel back in time to the day of Paul Revere's famous ride."

In the words of the author, "when P. G. Wodehouse, time travel, and drunken Revolutionary War heroes team up," a frolicking romp of a tale is in the offing.  I am a big fan of P. G. Wodehouse and the misadventures of Jeeves and Wooster, which helped me award 7 out of 7 rocket-dragons for this impeccable, fun, humorous, and clever science fiction tribute.  Cheerio, pip, pip, and all that.  Yes, quite.

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