Thursday, October 4, 2018

"Creation" by John C. Mannone

John C. Mannone

[1] In the beginning
there was a universe
of letters in the package
from the flower catalog,

cosmos seeds were there, too.
And inspiration hovered
over the dark and formless soil.

[2] And I broadcasted
those seeds. Rains came
when windows of heaven opened.

[3] After the face of many
waters looked into the ground,
ideas germinated, sprouted

through the once barren earth
that had blocked the great light.
[4] And words bloomed

with the crested iris, crocus
and daffodil. They were hid
in the soft petals, in their sweet

perfume drifting into air—
soon, they would condense
as dewdrops on the scroll

of tiger lily petals like a strand
of pearls glistening in the grass.
[5] And a meadow breeze

jostled the jonquils full of new
expression, phrases scribed
even on their stems.

[6] At the end of the day,
the hyacinth and all the spring
flowers brought forth a poem.

And it was good. 

Poet’s Notes: “Creation” is a meta-poem, kind of an ars poetica, but more. Since it has the structural flavor of the sacred texts, I introduced bracketed numbers to simulate verses as in the Book of Genesis.

Editor's Note:  I thought this one fitting status post Simchat Torah earlier this week, making this week's Torah portion parshah Bereishit (Genesis 1:1 - 6:8).  And here is a shout out to my nephew in California who will be called to the Torah as bar mitzvah tomorrow.  Chazak!  Chazak!  V'nitchazek!

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