Monday, July 2, 2018

"The Patriarch" by Kaitlyn Vaughn

The Patriarch
Kaitlyn Vaughn

Briskly he walked down the cobblestoned road,
A horse and carriage trott’d by in the dark.
"Patriarch" Watercolor on Paper
By J. Artemus Gordon
A large sum to the wrong people he ow’d
To that of the local gang’s patriarch.
He was headed for the nearest ferry
So as to board and avoid the fray
In hopes of finding a new life most merry.
The mob’s voices were close to his dismay
Angry shouts and muffled speech were nearby
The boat was ahead; the sculler stood watch
He waited for the bookie to draw nigh
He drew his pistol; the boat ne’er to launch
The loud bullet was sent to meet its mark
For he was the local gang’s patriarch.

Poet’s Notes:  I really enjoyed writing this poem; telling stories that have crazy twists is my favorite thing to do when I write. I intended for the setting to seem like old London in the 1800’s. I probably watched too much Breaking Bad before writing this poem, as I’m not quite sure where the idea for it came from aside from watching that ridiculously intense show.

Editor’s Note:  It is with a heavy heart that I must inform the readership that this will be the last of Kaitlyn’s poems that will appear in Songs of Eretz.  Kaitlyn did a fine job pinch-hitting for Terri while Terri was on her leave of absence but she has decided not to stay on as a permanent Frequent Contributor.  Her creative voice, mature beyond her youthful years, will be dearly missed.

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