Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"Rosalind" by Mary Soon Lee

"Memory" Ink and Watercolor on Paper
By J. Artemus Gordon
Mary Soon Lee

One room,
not even a large room,
framed the library
of our elementary school,
but when they released us
into its fold,
we traveled together
to King Solomon's Mines
and back from our London
to one where Sherlock Holmes
played his violin.

Now we write to each other
maybe once a year.

Poet's Notes:  I think my friend Rosalind and I were about seven years old when we were given permission to borrow books from our school's main library. I remember--possibly inaccurately--wooden shelves and sunlight, and the shared excitement of embarking on adventures to far-off places. It was a long time ago. I haven't seen Rosalind since I moved to America, one of the losses of leaving.

Artist's Note:  I was inspired to create this illustration when I found out from the Editor-in-Chief that "Rosalind" means "beautiful rose."  I hope that my art does justice to the fond memories of Mary's old friend.

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