Thursday, July 26, 2018

"Good Company" by Howard Stein

"Friends" Ink on Paper
By J. Artemus Gordon
Good Company
Howard Stein     

Ambling toward me from the pond,
the ducks approach with hope,
maybe even longing,
no doubt with bread in mind.
They find me empty-handed, though.
For ducks' reasons I cannot fathom,
they gather around me, crouch,
and stay.  I had never
fancied myself
a substitute for bread.
Still, the thought gives me comfort.
We, the ducks and I,
keep each other good company.

Poet's Notes:  For many years I drove my young son to the local library to return and check out books and to sit and play in the large park surrounding the library. A huge pond was inside the park, home to many ducks. Sometimes while my son was inside the library or playing on the park grounds, I would sit on a bench and read or write.  A large group of ducks would surround me and stay long after it was apparent that I had no food for them. These were always refreshing times for me. This poem comes from an amalgam of such occasions.

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