Friday, June 8, 2018

"Solo Run" by Alessio Zanelli

Solo Run

Alone in the fog,
amid the faded countryside.

No signs of movement
a furlong all around.

Unbroken silence,
then caws of distant crows.

--Alessio Zanelli

Poet’s Notes: Here’s a short poem, one of the kind I like best, inspired by running. It’s a good example of what I call a “Zen” poem--a plain, minimalist, instinctive description of what’s going on around me, of reality while it just happens, and how it is perceived by the senses. No thoughts, considerations, speculations. No metaphors or any other figures of speech. Nothing of the sort, just what the eye sees, the ears hear, and the skin feels. Both the mind and the heart must be banned from such poems.

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