Monday, June 11, 2018

""Jesus Wept"” by Kaitlyn Vaughn

“Jesus Wept”
Kaitlyn Vaughn

The moment when a certain line or sentence from a book wrenches your heart with a certain squeeze like that of a tiny fist that’s wrapped completely around it

That sentence or phrase stops your reading and freezes you in place because you think to yourself about how true and perfect that phrase or sentence is to you.

It seems to resonate with your soul because you feel an electric surge that pulses throughout your being, and your brain’s hard-drive seems to breathe and chatter because it recognizes this phrase or sentence

Maybe because it reminds you of a memory from childhood, or of a person whom you’ve loved, or a pet, or even a place, or something that stood out to you once.

This phrase may bring you a solemn truth or maybe it brings you a solid understanding of something, for this phrase somehow clicks with your thoughts, with your being, and ultimately makes you feel.

The moment when one leans back from reading, listening, or writing, and pauses to either reread this unique phrase or copy it down for tomorrow’s inspiration because it was so ridiculously intense that it’s almost next to impossible to describe to another person

Avid readers and writers experience this euphoric phenomenon time and again, whenever they are reading, listening to a piece of this puzzle we call language, or even writing it out themselves.

Poet’s Notes:  I wrote this spur of the moment after I had read the line “Jesus wept” from a book that I was reading. Every now and again, I’ll hear a certain phrase or read something that really hits home. Sometimes it’ll make me cry or make me smile. It has to be the strangest thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s bizarre to me how seemingly insignificant words can move people in such a way that can inspire such powerful emotions.

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