Monday, September 12, 2016

Poem of the Day: “In that one bite” by Jonathan Dick

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “In that one bite” by Jonathan Dick.  Dick is from Toronto, Canada. He has had over thirty poems published in various literary journals. Follow him on Twitter: @jjdickyboy.

In that one bite
Jonathan Dick

Bite down on the cyanide, given to you 
lovingly by politicians’ manicured hands, 
and you will find, in that one bite, yes, in that one bite, 
happiness is not a frame of mind, but rather a societal command.

In that one bite, yes, in that one bite, you will
experience the insanity of joy, a clouded epiphany
that we must walk towards a destination,
a destination that has not been 
manufactured yet, we must walk with our umbilicus 
tied around our throats, like dogs on leashes, 
avoiding fire hydrants they themselves have already marked,
like dogs on leashes, leading us towards
no place, no such thing, only the happiness
found in that one bite, yes, in that one bite
the happiness of cyanide, leading you on.  

Poet’s Notes:  What is happiness but a tacitly accepted communal ideal? This poem explores the idea that happiness is a bitter pill that only leads you in search for more happiness, whether or not that final happiness is real.  

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