Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"on a slight embankment" by John Reinhart, Frequent Contributor

on a slight embankment
John Reinhart

across the street,
my neighbor
has parked his Trans Am

between juniper bushes
and elm trees, dandelions
and butterflies paint
a scene -
meets Black Sabbath

spring has obscured
his intentions – despite
plenty of water,
the car refuses
to blossom

Poet's Notes:  Another neighbor from down the way, though he does not speak verbally, makes abundantly clear through gesture how he feels about this car belonging to our mutual neighbor, one of two automotive islands. As tiny houses are bought, leveled, and lots filled with rectangles devoid of the soul infused in the ramshackle additions and improvements and repairs in most of the buildings hereabouts, there are still holdouts in the working class digs I call home. Though the Trans Am is not my preferred view out the dining room window, it is a reassuring reminder that spring has only just begun.

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