Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Pennies in a Fountain" by David Pring-Mill, Frequent Contributor

Pennies in a Fountain
David Pring-Mill

The purpose is absent,
but still,
they mill
about with shopping bags.

A copper toss
of luck,
so passive,
adds something
to the cycling airs.
Punctuated, by a splash, a plunk…
with sinking glint, distorted
by the fountain's
flowing water.

Still, dozens of coins
slink together
in random patterns,
to shine upon that shallow surface,
with all the dazzle
and significance
of forgotten wishes.

Poet's Notes:  As a writer, I started off with fiction first. From there, I tried poetry. And then I gravitated towards nonfiction, particularly essays. And to be honest, that final genre is where I'm most comfortable and content.

I still remember one of the first poems that I ever attempted. It was about a shopping mall. I sent it to a couple of publications, but then I turned against it and threw it out. Dozens of my poems were published in the last two years, and so I thought it would be appropriate to return to that original subject and give it another chance.

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