Friday, September 5, 2014

Modern & Contemporary American Poetry Course Offering

Dear Friends of Eretz,

I invite you to join me in auditing the free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Modern & Contemporary Poetry being offered again this year by the University of Pennsylvania through Coursera.  Sign up here:

The course will again be led by University of Pennsylvania Professor Al Filreis--information about him may be found here:  The course will run from September 6 - November 15, 2014.  It is self-paced and may be taken for a certificate or simply audited.  Coursera summarizes the course description as follows:

ModPo is a fast-paced introduction to modern and contemporary U.S. poetry, with an emphasis on experimental verse, from Dickinson and Whitman to the present. Participants (who need no prior experience with poetry) will learn how to read poems that are supposedly "difficult." 

I joined the course late last year and found it to be stimulating, entertaining, and informative.  My confidence with doing close readings of modern poetry increased by an order of magnitude, and as a direct result I was able to make the offerings in the Poetry Review much more comprehensive and educational.

It would be SO COOL if we could form a Songs of Eretz ModPo discussion group around this course.  Anyone interested in doing so should contact me via email at

Kind regards,

Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD

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