Thursday, June 27, 2013

Songs of Eretz Discontinues Daily Reviews of Daily Science Fiction

Dear Loyal Readers and Followers,

On June 26, 2012, almost exactly one year ago, I began reviewing the stories appearing in Daily Science Fiction in Songs of Eretz.  Since then, I have read and reviewed every single offering from that source.  It was a difficult decision, but I have decided that it is time to move on to other projects.

As an author of speculative fiction with serious aspirations to make a living as a writer, one of my goals is to read as many speculative fiction stories as possible.  To insure that I read every story carefully and critically, as well as to gain more experience as a writer, I decided to write reviews of just about everything I read.  DSF made this task relatively easy by emailing me stories every weekday--stories that were generally short in length and varied in style and substance (and quality)--from hard core science fiction to fine pieces that were barely speculative in nature.

I have no doubt that I benefited greatly from the experience of reading and reviewing the offerings from DSF and hope that my loyal readers and followers have too.  However, if I am to grow as a writer, I need to expand my literary perspective by doing with other speculative serials what I have done with DSF.  From this point forward, I will continue to read some of the offerings from DSF but will only post reviews of the few that really move me (those in the 6 to 7 rocket-dragon range).

For the next several months or so, up to a year perhaps, I will be reading and reviewing the stories published in Fantasy & Science Fiction.  I have, as my readers and followers know, been doing so periodically right along, but my goal now will be to read and review all stories from this source during the months of the issues in question.  I am not quite finished reading the September/October 2012 issue, so I have a bit of catching up to do--a task I know I will enjoy immensely and hope my loyal readers and followers will too.  The stories in F&SF are generally longer and denser, so it is unlikely that reviews will be posted daily.

I send a tweet every time I make a post.  Accordingly, I particularly encourage those readers and followers who are only interested in DSF and F&SF reviews to follow me on Twitter @SongsofEretz.


Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD

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