Friday, June 7, 2013

Review of "The Ships That Stir Upon The Shore" by Rahul Kanakia

"The Ships That Stir Upon The Shore" by Rahul Kanakia appeared in Daily Science Fiction on June 7, 2013.  "A family of death sale brokers takes advantage of the dying owners of a mansion situated under a cracked city dome on an earth flooded with toxic heat and radiation."  The editors warn that this is a disturbing story.  I agree.

This is the most original post apocalyptic tale that I have read in a while.  The author does a brilliant job with making the vulture-like broker family sympathetic enough to tolerate--no easy task.  There is a moral lesson in there somewhere as well as a sober commentary on the true value of human life.  I only wish I knew what calamity had befallen the earth that caused the heat and radiation.  6 out of 7 rocket-dragons.

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