Monday, December 25, 2017

"A Christmas Poem" by Kaitlyn Vaughn

Editor’s Note:  Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to welcome back former charter member Frequent Contributor Kaitlyn Vaughn nee Frazier.  Kaitlyn has graciously agreed to take over for Terri Lynn Cummings until Terri returns from her leave of absence (unless we can convince Kaitlyn to stay on longer!).  Kaitlyn’s bio may be found in the “Our Staff” section.  Much has happened in her life in the past year-and-a-half since she resigned as an FC, so I encourage you to read it.  

In the spirit of the season and in an effort to prolong the light and feelings of peace and goodwill, Songs of Eretz will feature a Christmas or seasonally themed poem from today until January 5, 2018--the "Twelve Days of Christmas."  And now, to begin the festivities, as a special Christmas present, Songs of Eretz is pleased to present “A Christmas Poem” by Kaitlyn Vaughn.

A Christmas Poem
Kaitlyn Vaughn

Children are dreaming such sweet dreams in bed
Imagining Santa, his reindeer, and sled.
Encased like cocoons in pajamas so warm
Exuding excitedly Christmas’ charm.

Throughout the past month, all the parents were busy
Cooking, and decorating in quite a frenzy
With holiday spirit pervading their halls
Expecting the day that St. Nicholas calls.

‘Tis the season of happiness, giving, and love,
Made possible by God’s grandest gift from above.
So give thanks and be merry while the season doth last,
For life races by in a twinkling so fast.

Poet’s Notes:  I tried my best not to be dark when composing this poem (for some reason, it’s almost impossible for me to write without being dark).  This is as cheery as I can get.  The message I hoped to convey with this poem is that you never know how long you will have your loved ones--“so give thanks and be merry while the season doth last.” 

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