Thursday, October 26, 2017

"Soft & Smooth" by David Pring-Mill, Poet of the Week

Soft & Smooth
David Pring-Mill
She is soft,
not only
in her body
but throughout her whole presence,
the way she moves and speaks.
The softness of her blonde hair
is also in her voice;
It’s a uniformed existence.

That voice, at times,
comes with a sudden upswell
of pitch, bringing with it
the erratic pressures
of her accent.

After a passionate kiss,
her pale blue
eyes grow wide
and lost in feeling.

Poet's Notes:  "Soft & Smooth" is one of those poems that come most directly from my personal life. As such, it's really just a record of observation, vaguely similar to my poem "Today," which recorded my miscalculation in carrying around an umbrella  Obviously, this poem is romantic whereas "Today" was not, but both works could also have been diary entries if I kept a diary. 

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