Tuesday, October 3, 2017

"Let Us Remember" by the Editor

Let Us Remember
Steven Wittenberg Gordon 
                               For Las Vegas

May the name of the man who caused
the murders and mayhem be erased
from history.  Such evil deserves not a place
in our collective brain.  Instead 
let us remember the lady who surrendered
her pickup without hesitation
to be used as a makeshift ambulance. 
Let us remember the police
who bravely ran toward the gunfire
and the SWAT team that stormed the building. 
Let us remember the fireman who continued
to provide first aid though he himself needed aid. 
Let us remember the hundreds of strangers
who risked their lives to help other strangers. 
Let us remember the thousands who came together
for a candlelight vigil to pray
for the dead and their families.
Let us remember the goodness, the kindness,
the courage, the decency, and the selflessness.

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