Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"Games People Play" by John C. Mannone

Games People Play
John C. Mannone

It’s The Game of Life, but the Trouble is
that we often take Risk without having a Clue.
Silence sometimes dominates: Don’t Break
the Ice or Say Anything, that would be Taboo.
And when we finally speak, there’s no Diplomacy,
what we say to each other is often a Scrabble bunch
of words or simply Balderdash—it’s Apples to Apples
in this Game of Thrones. Why does one or the other
often have Monopoly over the conversation
while the other throws Stick & Stones?
It would be better if we threw Candyland candy canes
or even Chutes and Ladders, they wouldn’t hurt as much.
Sorry, this is a Trivial Pursuit, you can remain
the Mastermind, the Dominant Species. It’s Pay Day
I’m going to Pick Up Sticks and as quick as Jumping Jacks,
Go home. Guess Who is not going to stay
in the Dungeon anymore, no more Twilight Struggles
or night time nightmares. I got a Ticket to Ride.
It’s a game, like Chess, and I just lost my queen.

Poet’s Notes: This is about failed relationships in terms of board games (at least 25 of the 76 most popular ones), as well as a few others. The games are italicized and capitalized. See 

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