Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"Remembrance" by Terri Lynn Cummings

Terri Lynn Cummings

Mother and father
heels and hair
dresses and ties
proper as a Sunday

honest as a sermon
preserved in photos
black and white like belief
rise when bidden

by a chorus of solitude
and a thirst for voices
adrift on prairie's waves
where words rise and recede 

with menace and mercy
like Oklahoma wind
or a shell of memory
caught in sleep’s sand

unseen until stirred
by the clock’s missing hands –
one sentence a song
one word a universe

Poet’s Notes: Although orphaned later in life, I still suffer from the void of my parents’ voices and the touch of their hands. At this point, I’d even welcome the gale of an argument over our differing beliefs (something I never dreamed I would admit). This little poem has a rhythm that I tried to develop like the tick and tock of time’s clock. It’s not perfect rhythm but I think it might work. 

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