Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Born and Made" by Sierra July

Born and Made

Part of her craved the water at her feet
Another part of her knew it would kill her
Not poisoned or polluted, it tempted her

Waving as though to beckon her near
She remembered how it felt before
Cool, smooth as it washed her tongue
Now her tongue wouldn't feel, couldn't
All her parts traded for metallic

But she knew, her other parts would feel
In a new way, would cry and shatter
If anything other than oil
Penetrated her lips and traveled down

--Sierra July

Poet's Notes: I've noticed the theme of androids and cyborgs gaining popularity in movies and books again and, also being a bit of a fan for all things robot-like, I wanted to write a piece on them too. This is another sentimental/tragic piece, a girl who can recall being human, needing water, craving it, now both missing and fearing it.

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