Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Poem of the Day: “Tea and Coffee” by Rie Sheridan Rose

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Tea and Coffee” by Rie Sheridan Rose.  Rose has written five chapbooks of poetry.  Her poems have appeared in Penumbra, Illumen, Abandoned Towers, and Wolf Willow magazines as well as the 2016 Texas Poetry Calendar and Speculative Poets of Texas Vol. 1. She’s also a lyricist, having written words for many songs by Marc Gunn.

Tea and Coffee
Rie Sheridan Rose

I am a tea girl…
Victorian lace and Jane Austen

You are a coffee guy…
Three piece suit and Mickey Spillane.

My romance is poetic.
Your reality is hard-nosed.

Can opposites attract
And become covalent?

Or is coffee too bitter
For a tea-drinking dame?

I’m willing to try your coffee—
Heavily sugared with lots of cream…

Will you drink my tea?
You can spike it with gin…

Can we compromise
And come together?

Or is tea too tame

For a coffee-slugging man?

Poet's Notes: This poem is a play on the contradictory nature of men and women. How different male and female sensibilities can be!

Editor’s Note:  I find “Tea and Coffee” to be charming, sassy, and desperate yet optimistic in seeking to answer that age-old question.

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