Thursday, December 31, 2015

Poem of the Day: “Kitchen Comment” by Pamela Washington

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Kitchen Comment” by Pamela Washington.  Ms. Washington lives in Oklahoma.

Kitchen Comment
Pamela Washington
His off-hand words
(Something about his
mother’s being better)
Gave me a paper cut
Right on the heart.

A slight wound,
It hurt like a gash;
It bled into
My ability to finish dinner
Roast—his favorite—burnt.

Later, I couldn’t stand
His weight on it.
Passion, salty with desire,
Stung.  I off-handedly
Commented on tiredness.

The scar will be sensitive for a while.

Poet's Notes:  This poem explores a moment in a dysfunctional relationship and how even an off-hand comment can have ramifications. The idea came to me after suffering a particularly “brutal” paper cut and thinking about how something really so inconsequential was going to cause me pain, because it was on the very tip of my finger—where I feel the world.  As the poem developed, I connected the idea of a minor comment causing pain with the creating and sharing of food, which is also symbolic of fellowship and relationship, and how in dysfunctional relationships the anger and pain could “bleed” over into this everyday ritual.

Editor’s Note:  I am sure that many will identify with the theme of this one. 

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