Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Poem of the Day: “Lost Cap” by Ron Faust

Songs of Eretz Poetry Review is pleased to present “Lost Cap” by Ron Faust.  Dr. Faust is a retired Minister/Sailor/Poet/Activist. He works with PeaceWorks, American Friends Service Committee, and Disciples Peace Fellowship in Kansas City. He attended Christian Theological Seminary and received his doctorate from Drew University. He collaborated on a book with Toni Faust entitled Grand Parenting for Compassion and Peace and published a fictional work entitled GAPS under his pen name “Mac Keyes”. He has a trilogy of poetry books, starting with Prophetic Poetry: Holy Agitation for Peace, Justice and Passion.

Lost Cap
Ron Faust

I lost my summer
To Labor Day weekend

Soon the sailing season will be over
as the wind tossed my cap so flew
the playful freedom of my yearning

The rain started pouring

Then I realized
I could get another cap.

Poet's Notes:  I wear a cap for sailing that reminds me that I feel most real at play. I reluctantly grieve any change to the summer but I wrote this poem as a way of saying, “seasons may come and go, but I can still be playful and authentic.”

Editor’s Note:  I love the whimsy here as well as the message of renewal, optimism, and hope.

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